Episode 75

Tramlines 2022: Pod in the Park

Published on: 26th June, 2022

It's finally here, our (proper) Pod in the Park for Tramlines 2022.

It's something like the 10th attempt we've made to do this episode, so it's great to finally get the Hopcast crew together in Hillsborough Park, overlooking what will be the main stage, along with Alex Deadman from the Tramlines team.

We have a good natter about what's going on this year, both within the main event in the park, and also the Tramlines fringe around the centre of Sheffield and other parts of the city.

Of course, it wouldn't be the Hopcast without beer, so we each pick out one or two to bring with us.

Drinking beer in the park, in the sunshine, with microphones... what could possibly go wrong?

PS If you're one of those listeners who don't listen right to the end, you'll want to this time, trust us.

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